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Planting Native Trees
To Help Biodiversity


Trees That Count

For every new client who signs up to work with us, we are committing to funding the planting of at least 10 native trees in our Canterbury Region.

By funding New Zealand native trees through Trees That Count, we’re seeking to absorb lots of CO2 emissions over 50 years as those trees continue to grow, we also help protect New Zealand’s threatened biodiversity.
That’s good for our carbon footprint, and good for Aotearoa.

Why We support Planting Native Trees

Trees are important, amongst many things provide oxygen, they store carbon, help clean up waterways, give our kids something to climb and they are good for our mental wellbeing - who does not love walking in the forest?
Trees that Count
At the moment 4,000 New Zealand native plants and animals are threatened or at risk of extinction. By supporting native tree planting, we are helping to create more habitats for our threatened wildlife and helping build ecosystems that are more resilient to threats and diseases.

Planting native trees mean that you support the natural ecology of the environment and help it thrive, that means we leave it in a better condition for our children and their children, which after all, as parents isn’t that our main goal?

If you want to find out more about funding Natives Trees in New Zealand then head over to Trees That Count to learn more.

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We Support

Trees That Count
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