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Pre-qualification Software to simplify managing contractors and suppliers.

Make it simple to obtain and manage your contractor or supplier pre-qualifications using Mango's QHSE Compliance software.
Reclaim your precious time
Mango QHSE on Multiple Devices

Saving Time with Pre-qualifications

Here are just a few examples of how Mango makes your Pre-qualification process easier to use, saving you time and frustration.
Record all contractor or supplier pre-qualifications in one system with your own custom online Pre-Qual forms that ensures you meet your assessment schedule on-time, every time. 
Contractor Inductions
Contractor Inductions
Conduct the induction of your contractors or suppliers remotely by just sending them an email link to complete your assessment of them, automatically creating the evidence history that it was completed and how they scored.
Contractor Employee Training Records
Contractor Employee Training Records
Allow contractor and contractor employees to remotely upload their training certification to yoru own QHSE system to ensure you have the evidence that they are qualified to carry out the tasks requested.
Conduct ongoing surveys of your contractors and suppliers once you have engaged with them to provide feedback and monitoring of how things are going.
Say goodbye spreadsheets!

Do more in less time with Pre-qualifications

Say good bye to all the spreadhseets and seperate systems. With Mango's Pre-qualification module you can do a whole lot more than just keep a record.
Run your very own custom cloud based Pre-Qual system for your contractors & Suppliers.
Design your own Pre-Qualification templates to collect exactly what you need, with the ability to have as many as you need for different circumstances or sites.
Add hints, tips or detail requirement notes for each question
Embed video such as a H&S site safety video intro's to your forms to ensure the contractor knows what you expect.
Have your contractor or supplier upload information or files directly to your system with a secure form
Monitor the history of contractor or supplier pre-quals to identify any recurring issues and drive improvements.
Send an email to the contractor to complete the questionnaire without the need for them to have a login to Mango
Automatically send reminders to the contractor or supplier responsible to conduct the questionnaire so you don't have to.
Plan contractor or supplier pre-quals more efficiently and effectively by letting the system do the heavy lifting

Easily Meet all your ISO Standards requirements

Use the Pre-qualification module in Mango to help you meet the following ISO Management System and compliance system requirements.
ISO 9001
Clauses 9.2
ISO 45001
Clauses,, 9.2
ISO 13485
Clauses 7.4, 7.5.1, 8.2.4,
ISO 22000
Clause 8.4.1
ISO 14001
Clauses 9.2, 9.2.1 and and 9.2.2
AS 9100
Clauses 8.4.1, 9.2
ISO 27001
Clauses 9.2, Annex Clauses A15
ISM Code
Clause 12

See Mango In Action

With the Mango Pre-qualification module creating an ISO Management System that people will actively use, supports all of your ISO system  and contributes to the business is easier than you think.
Reclaim your precious time

What People Are Saying About Mango

Don't just take our word about how great Mango is, here is the feedback from some of our users.
If you want to check out more independent feedback on how great Mango is head to to hear what others think or you can check out a range of case studies here direct from the end users.

See Mango In Action

Make a booking now to see how simple it is to integrate your systems, reduce paperwork, save time and be compliant.
Reclaim your precious time

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