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Mango Additional Data upload and system configuration

Speed up the configuration and updating of your Mango QHSE system, let us do the work for you.
Mango QHSE on Multiple Devices
Many Caps Consulting can provide additional support to upload and configure the items outlined below in addition to the standard system commissioning.

Please indicate the items that you would like us to quote on, we will be in touch to gather the required data to be able to provide the quotation.

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Additional Options for upload and system configuration options.

About You & Your Organisation

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Documents Module - Manuals

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Documents Module - Files

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Audits Module

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Assessments / Prequals

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Human Resources Module

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Risk Module

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Historical Data

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Manuals / Audit s/ Files for quotation

Please select copies of all current files for Manuals, Audits, Pre-Quals, Assessments or risk templates you would like us to review as part of the quotation 

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