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Food Safety Software for ISO 22000 & HACCP

Managing your food safety system on spreadsheets just doesn't work, they are continually out of date and missing information. Mango can help make it simple.

Ready To Integrate your QHSE System?

Make a demo booking now to see how Mango can simplify and integrate your systems.

Ready To Integrate your QHSE System?

Make a demo booking now to see how Mango can simplify and integrate your systems.

MANGO - Making Food Safety Simple

Say good by to seperate systems, rows of folders and spreadhseets. Check out how Mango can make it simple.

Pass Your Food Safety Audits with Ease

It is widely recognised that the most effective food safety systems are established, operated and updated within a framework of a structured management system and incorporated into the overall management activities of the organization.Mango provides this structured management system and delivers the maximum benefit to the organisation and interested parties.
Mango meets the requirements of ISO 22000. As Mango is easily auditable, and it combines the HACCP plan with prerequisite programmes in an automated fashion, auditors are now recommending Mango to other food companies.

Keep on top of Risks without the stress

As hazard analysis is the key to an effective food safety management system Mango has a simple risk management module that organises the control measures in an easy to view manner.
Just build your system into Mango and watch as it controls your Food Safety Management System in an easy to use manner.

Integrate for Simplicity

Mango's integrated approach means that your entire Food Sysfety System is managed in one system linking everything creating a single, consistent system which not only reduces training time but actually makes it simple for people to follow and be involved.

Mango gives you the ability to:

Manage, review, approve, correct and improve your pre-requisites documentation
Use the Risk Management module to Identify, assess and then control the your food safety risks.
Look after and control the activities required to ensure your Food Safety Program is where you need it to be using the event management module
The Mango Documents repository allows you to keep all the legal requirements a central place ensuring a formal and consistent process is available.
Track all maintenance and calibration work through the dedicated Plant & Equipment Module
Automatically schedule your Food Safety System Audits via the dedicated Audit Module where you can design any audits you currently have and looks for trends from past audits
With all of this data, you need to be able to easily report everything out so Mango have developed a unique report writer that will analyse your Food Safety performance in real time

MANGO supports all your administration elements

As Mango is easily auditable, and it combines the HACCP plan with prerequisite programmes, auditors are now recommending Mango to other Food Safety Managers.
Pre-requisites - proceedures, policies and forms
Incident Reporting
Calibration & Plant Maintenance
Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP)
Quality Control
Any Product Recalls
All Management Reviews & associated records
Training & Competency Records
Internal Auditing Programs

MANGO - Simplify your System

Stop your Food Safety Manager doing boring non value adding work. Use Mango to create a structure to automatically track and remind you wht needs to be done.

Mango for Environmental Management: Usage Examples

With multiple modules and fantastic integration here are some examples of how Mango makes your Environmental Management System easier to use.


With all of your policies, proceedures and forms securely housed inside Mango's document control module there is no more paper, no more double ups or uncontrolled versions.
Mango only gives access to each area beased on individual tailored access rights whcih can be individual or role based.
When something is updated in yoru system automatically notify those who need to be and get a record of acknowledgement that they have read and understood the changes.

Manage People

Tracking and refreshing your training records and competencies is easy with Mango.
Automate training notifications and record keeping to reduce the waste tied up in the administration of your training programs and ensures you never miss a training refresher.
With the integreated document module you can also record who has acknowledged each document or file when it's launched or updated, directly recording to their HR file.

Incident Reporting​

With Mango's user-configurable workflow system you can report, record and investigate all incidents in a way that works for you, all from one module. Improvement actions are easily reported and recorded within the system. Mango time-stamps each action when they are applied. Auditors just love the ease of use when auditing your system in Mango.

Risk Management - HACCPS

Mango manages any aspects and impacts of yoru HACCPS requirements. Recording them in your custom designed templates to meet your own needs. You can then monitor them with automated events to remind you to take action or review preiodically as required.

Use Mango to Manage

  • ISO 22000
  • HACCPS Requirements
  • BRC's Global Standard for Food Safety
  • BRC's Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials

What People Say About Mango

Don't just take our word about how great Mango is, here is the feedback from some of our users.
“Very easy to use and any questions I have are always answered quickly and the issue is resolved with a quick phone call to talk through the problem. Would recommend this software to anyone”
“ MANGO is very easy to use and the automated workflow makes sure nothing is missed out. Reporting features in the HR module have ensured that certificates are renewed before expiry without hours of checking spreadsheets and paper based records ”
“  There are no cons with this package. We have 500 employees, some of whom are not so techno savvy, but they can all use the system easily. We also operate in vineyards, packaging, wineries and cellar doors. 
If you want to check out more independent feedback on how great Mango is head to to hear what others think or you can check out a range of case studies here direct from the end users.

Ready To Integrate your QHSE System?

Arrange a demo now to see how Mango can help solve your QHSE compliance problems

Ready To Integrate your QHSE System?

Arrange a demo now to see how Mango can help solve your QHSE compliance problems

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